Mastering MATLAB
2012 Edition

Mastering MATLAB

Mastering MATLAB
covers the essential aspects of MATLAB presented in an easy- to-follow "learn while doing" tutorial format. It is appropriate for undergraduate and graduate courses in MATLAB, as a reference in courses where MATLAB is used, or as a self-study reference.

Mastering MATLAB is now available at your favorite on-line and neighborhood bookstores. In response to reader suggestions, Mastering MATLAB was extensively rewritten and expanded to 864 pages, and incorporates greatly expanded appendices and index. This book is the perfect companion for MATLAB with an extensively reworked and expanded 68-page chapter (Examples, Examples, Examples!) addressing vectorization, the MATLAB JIT-accelerator, profiling, and other methods of writing more efficient MATLAB code.

More information about the text is available in the draft version of the front matter which includes the Table of Contents and the Preface to the 2012 edition.

Find Mastering MATLAB in your favorite bookstore or online book source. It is available through Amazon, Barnes&Noble, and many others.

About the Authors

The authors have been using MATLAB since the late 1980s and writing MATLAB books and tutorials since 1995. Over 50,000 copies of the various editions of Mastering MATLAB have been printed covering MATLAB version 4 through the current version. Different editions of the text have been printed in a number of languages in addition to English (U.S. and International editions) including Chinese, Korean, and Brazilian Portuguese.

Dr. Duane Hanselman earned his Ph.D. and MSEE from the University of Illinois. He earned his BSEE from Michigan State University. Currently an Associate Professor in the Electrical and Computer Engineering Department at the University of Maine, Dr. Hanselman has taught a wide variety of undergraduate and graduate classes including introductory circuits, signals and linear systems, control systems, signal processing, electromagnetics, power electronics, electromechanical energy conversion, and numerical methods.

Dr. Hanselman is a leading expert in the design of brushless permanent magnet motors, i.e., brushless DC motors and PM synchronous motors. He provides consulting to a wide variety of companies and has served as an expert witness for patent infringement lawsuits and various insurance and civil suits. In addition, Dr. Hanselman has presented numerous short courses on the design of brushless permanent magnet motors.

Dr. Hanselman has published numerous books, including the
Mastering MATLAB series of texts and two editions of Brushless Permanent Magnet Motor Design.

Bruce R. Littlefield earned his MSEE and BSCEN at the University of Maine. Mr. Littlefield has extensive experience in the fields of computer and information services and networking, He has taught undergraduate courses in Systems Administration and Network Engineering and has recently retired from the University of Maine as Systems Manager Emeritus.

Mr. Littlefield has provided consulting services to a wide variety of companies in Maine and eastern Massachusetts and has presented MATLAB short courses to industry.